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Tu dormitorio y Stolmen: una combinación ganadora

Tu dormitorio y Stolmen: una combinación ganadora

Si estáis buscando una manera de ganar espacio para la cómoda de vuestro dormitorio que además resulte original y atractiva a la vista, os recomendamos esta solución que nos permite despejar la pared al tiempo que nos proporciona una buena cantidad de espacio de almacenaje.

El mueble elegido para esta modificación será la cómoda Stolmen, que colgaremos de la pared para obtener un mueble largo y lineal que parezca flotar en el aire.

La altura a la que vamos a colgar la Stolmen nos permitirá obtener almacenamiento extra debajo de la cómoda y también darle al mueble un aspecto más ligero y lineal al no estar conectado o anclado al suelo, y al mismo tiempo conseguiremos que el dormitorio parezca mucho más grande más grande. Hemos sujetado la Stolmen con escuadras que colocaremos en su interior y atornillaremos a la pared. Si tenéis DVD o televisión por cable, podéis guardar el dispositivo en el primer cajón del cuerpo central.

La Stolmen ha sido colgada a unos 90 centímetros del suelo, contando desde arriba, y como los módulos de la cómoda tienen agujeros en la parte superior, hemos buscado un tablero de madera de color caoba para taparlos, con lo que conseguiremos un bonito efecto de contraste con el blanco de la Stolmen.

Podemos dejar que el tablero sobresalga un par de centímetros por los laterales de la cómoda,  o bien dejarlo de la misma medida.

Como detalle adicional, hemos utilizado la misma técnica de colgar el mueble y poner un tablero de color caoba en la parte superior a los módulos pequeños de Stolmen para obtener mesillas de noche a juego con la cómoda:

Fuente: Another Winning Stolmen Media Unit [ikea hacker]

Showing newest 26 of 41 posts from April 2007. Show older posts
Showing newest 26 of 41 posts from April 2007. Show older posts

a frame up

prettify your ikea frames. jon’s mom, leena (who previously gave us the grono lamp hack) used some buttons on the malma mirror. link.

the next one is from anittah who added old wine corks to the ikea kolibri frame. link.

it could make a sweet mother’s day pressie.

zieak’s towel rack

zieak’s cam creature is one of my all-time favourite hacks. he recently sent me another – nothing as far out but it is still pretty interesting.

“i finally hung my vurm wine rack (which he bought from the salvation army for 2 bucks) in the bathroom. i used four over-sized stainless steel screws to attach the vurm rack to the wall near the shower. the best configuration seems to be rolling up two hand towels and hanging two bath towels.” link.

anatomic factory’s nata vintage chair

presenting the first “designer” hack. AnAtomicFactory sent me this ikea stefan chair hack, which they call nata vintage.

the italian on the site reads: “nata vintage stems from a reflection on the eternal return of the ‘old’ as a recurrent tendency of the market. new objects are created, not only with the idea of reproducing old styles, but also of simulating imperfections, the wear and tear of the materials, due to the passing of time: the new is already born old. therefore lets make a provocation: what better way to sell a vintage chair than to borrow a walking stick (stereotype of the old) and to replace it to a leg of the chair?”

i have no idea about all that but i do like how it looks. link.

simple cable management on the galant desk

we’ve seen this cable & computer peripheral decluttering hack from van mardian. now, we have a lazy man’s version from dymtns.

“i got the idea from this site but i was too lazy to get a pegboard and screw up shackles in the desk so i came up with a more simple ‘construction’. the desk (galant) has a metallic frame with about 1mm gap to the actual desk. in this gap you can easily put through some cable strappers and use the frame to strap up not only your cables, but also everything else.”

another winning stolmen media unit

i’m loving this media cabinet with matching bedside table from susan, who blogs at thekitchendesigner.org.

“i wanted something long, linear, and floating on the wall, definitely not something connected/anchored to the floor. this provides great storage, at a height that is well above the normal dresser, it’s a very comfortable height, it’s close to 36″ off the floor, the top of it. i had countertops left over from a previous project, so used those to put on top of the wardrobe (stolmen) cabinets. they are mahogany. there are holes at the top of the wardrobes, so a countertop is necessary to hide them.

it makes the room look huge, as it is very linear, and it’s simple and useful, especially with the hand cutouts. i also considered stacking one above the other or using other combinations, but ended up with this combination. we love it. these are frequently out of stock, so you have to get them when you see them. they are supported with angle brackets on the inside, attached to studs in the wall. the cable tv box goes under the center wardrobe cabinet.”

other stolmen media storage hacks:
> brett’s stolmen tv bench
> hang up your tv with stolmen poles

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